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A beautiful and authentic getaway. Discoveries, surprises and emotions. History, heritage and activities, but also life, fantasy and courage. For a weekend or more, escape to Lorraine. Discover our 10 favourites, to experience the best of Lorraine.

J. Schneider

Amnéville, a wellness destination

For a weekend or a week, delight in the countless activities on offer, whether you’re sporty or adventurous, looking for skiing or well-being, or a lover of local and exotic animals. And to top it off, no need for a car, since everything is accessible on foot!


Meuse, A land of history

Verdun 2016. This major event of international importance is the opportunity to return to the very heart of the First World War. Remembrance sites and a wealth of authentic relics always spark emotion in visitors. Beyond the war sites, Meuse proves to be a contemporary picture postcard of France with charming towns, peaceful villages and an abundant countryside.

Ben Mankin/FrenchEntrée

Higher Vosges, mountain atmosphere

The famous blue line of the Vosges jumps off the pages of our childhood geography books and opens us up to wonderful new perspectives. In summer or in winter, the Vosges Mountains are a true paradise for hikers and lovers of the great outdoors and vast countryside.


From Lunéville to Sarrebourg

Next comes the story of the art of crystal making as told at the Baccarat Museum. On a more industrial note, the Shiplift of Arzviller is a true fluvial feat. The orchards (of mirabelle plums, of course!), rivers and forests set the tone for the pleasures of a countryside holiday. Incidentally, it’s here that Center Parcs chose for the location of its holiday village aptly named the Domaine des Trois Forêts (Three Forests Estate).

Y. Ravailler
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Metz, the contemporary

Between the Seille and Moselle rivers, from the squares to the alleyways, the architecture is a journey through time. Saint-Etienne is one of the most beautiful cathedrals in France. Just a short walk away is the Centre Pompidou-Metz, a stunning vessel carrying contemporary art and strong emotions. With shopping, events, enjoyment and discovery, Metz is a true getaway destination and is listed as a Town of Art and History.


Lorraine Regional Nature Park

Between protected wide-open spaces and countryside, discover the beautiful balance of this peaceful and harmonious land. With forests, rivers, lakes, orchards, prairies and architectural heritage, the Lorraine Regional Nature Park offers an authentic experience close to nature.

Guillaume Colinmaire
P. Massit

West of the Vosges, endless nature

With green countryside and beautiful rivers and streams, this unspoilt landscape holds extraordinary treasures of cultural heritage. Starting with the Gallo-Roman site in Grand and the birthplace of Joan of Arc, both bearing witness to the great history that took place here.


Sarreguemines, the art of renewal

How about a getaway in the heart of Europe, at the confluence of the Saar and Blies Rivers, of eras and of cultures? The borders are gone; the flames of industry put out. Today, Sarreguemines cultivates the extraordinary and rich legacy inherited along the centuries…

T. Grun
Grand Hôtel - Vittel

Vittel, fresh air and vitality

There are words that instantly bring about images of pure water, fresh air and vitality. That’s the case with Vittel. A world-class spa town that didn’t need media exposure to draw crowds. Its Belle Époque atmosphere and listed heritage sites make for a delightfully charming town.


Pont-à-Mousson, a unique stop-over

Nestled between Nancy and Metz, at the foot of the hill of Mousson and spanning the Moselle River, this town feels more as an undiscovered village than a destination known the world over. Around the world, pipes and manhole covers carry the stamp of the town’s steel production.

Ville de Pont-À-Mousson

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